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Blitzwolf BW-LT11 okos LED szalag, RGB (5m)

Blitzwolf BW-LT11 okos LED szalag, RGB (5m)
Blitzwolf BW-LT11 okos LED szalag, RGB (5m)
Blitzwolf BW-LT11 okos LED szalag, RGB (5m)
Blitzwolf BW-LT11 okos LED szalag, RGB (5m)
Blitzwolf BW-LT11 okos LED szalag, RGB (5m)
Blitzwolf BW-LT11 okos LED szalag, RGB (5m)

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Blitzwolf BW-LT11 RGB smart LED tape (5m).

Blitzwolf led tape will give your home an innovative touch! It is equipped with 8 modes and intelligent voice control. In addition, you can adjust the color of the leds and their brightness level to suit your needs. In addition, the led strip can be easily synchronized with your favorite music, so the leds will shine to the rhythm of the song!

Work schedule

Customize the led strip to fit your daily schedule! The available app allows you to set specific times for both turning the tape on and off. This will not only save you time during busy mornings, but also energy.

Tailored to your tastes

White, red, or maybe purple? From now on you can independently choose your favorite color in which the tape will shine! You can choose it from as many as 16 million available in the app! What's more, you can also easily adjust the brightness of their illumination according to your needs.

To the rhythm of music

Create an even better environment for entertaining! With the help of the app you can easily synchronize music with the led strip. The colors will change to the rhythm of your favorite song. From now on, parties with friends will be even more interesting.

Smart control

Control the tape without getting up from the couch! The BW-LT11 works with Google voice assistant and Amazon Alexa. With their help, you can conveniently control the vape with your voice. So you can easily turn the vape on and off, change its color or brightness.

8 light modes

Don't have time to manually adjust the color and brightness? No problem! The smart tape has 8 light modes that allow you to adjust the right light to your needs.

Easy installation

Blitzwolf led tape is extremely easy to install. The product is ready to install - just stick the tape to the desired place. If it is too long, you can easily shorten it by cutting it off at the appropriately marked places. So little is enough to enjoy an amazing effect!


Manufacturer Blitzwolf
Model BW-LT11
Length 5 m
Width 12 mm
Number of LEDs 5050 RGB x 150, white x 150
Material FPC + PU, 3M adhesive, PC
Input power supply 230 V 50 / 60Hz
Output power supply DC 12V / 2A
Illumination angle 150°
Color of light white 4000K + RGB
Operating temperature -20 ~ 45 ℃
Light adjustment White - brightness adjustment, RGB - brightness and saturation adjustment
Color reproduction ≥80 Ra
Compatible applications BlitzWolf, Smart Life, Tuya Smart
Protection Tape: IP44, Controller: IP20
WiFi connection WiFi IEEE 802. 11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz

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