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Az év minden napján Megbízható bolt

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Az év minden napján Megbízható bolt

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Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)

Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)
Soundpeats Life TWS fülhallgató (black)

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Soundpeats TWS Life Headphones

Cut the noise and enjoy excellent sound quality. The TWS Soundpeats Life headphones support ANC noise cancellation technology and are equipped with premium 12mm drivers. They connect to devices via Bluetooth 5.2 and can provide low latency of about 60ms (in gaming mode). They are also distinguished by a long operating time and an ergonomic yet stylish design.

ANC noise cancellation

The Soundpeats Life headphones will let you forget about annoying noise. They offer advanced ANC noise cancellation technology that effectively eliminates ambient sounds up to 25dB. Now you can focus on your favorite songs and enjoy the peace and quiet! Prefer to know what's going on around you? Choose Transparency mode and comfortably listen to music without losing touch with your surroundings!

Perfect for conversations

With Soundpeats you can comfortably talk on the phone wherever you are - even on the bus or at the mall. Each headphone is equipped with 2 microphones that will easily register your voice and provide clear, natural sound. The Life model also supports ENC noise reduction, which is responsible for filtering out unnecessary background noise. You no longer have to worry that your caller won't hear you!

Bluetooth 5.2

Forget about signal quality problems. The headphones use Bluetooth 5.2, so they provide fast, stable transmission and are compatible with most popular Bluetooth devices. The manufacturer has also prepared something special for gamers - just switch to gaming mode to enjoy a low latency of about 60ms. Get into the game, don't be surprised and beat your rivals!

Long operating time

Don't worry about your headphones draining too quickly. Soundpeats Life can play music for up to 5 hours on a single charge (without ANC noise cancellation), and with the included case you can easily extend this time to about 25 hours. This allows you to listen to music at work or while traveling without any problems! The case also has a built-in light indicator that will provide you with information about its charging level.

High quality sound

Find out that your favorite songs can sound even better. Equipped with large 12mm drivers, the headphones will provide you with an unforgettable experience while listening to music, watching movies and playing games. Soundpeats Life will provide you with exceptional richness of detail, melodic treble and powerful bass. Feel like you're at a concert and rediscover the songs you love!

Lightweight, comfortable, stylish

Soundpeats Life headphones are light as a feather - each one weighs only about 4.5g. What's more, thanks to their ergonomic design, they fit perfectly to the shape of your ears, do not fall out of them and provide exceptional comfort. So you can listen to music as long as you want without getting tired! Also noteworthy is the modern yet elegant design of the case, which is made of durable and pleasant to the touch materials.

Convenient operation

With Soundpeats, everything you might need is right at your fingertips. The headphones offer convenient-to-use touchpads that allow you, for example, to quickly adjust the volume, change the mode, stop playback, switch the song or answer the phone. Care for additional capabilities? Download the free SoundPeats app, which allows you to adjust EQ settings, among other things.

In the box

  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • Interchangeable rubber bands (3 pairs)
  • Charging cable (USB-A / USB-C)
  • User manual
ANC noise reductionUp to 25dB
Operating timeApprox. 5h (headphones), approx. 25h (with case)
Charging port of the caseUSB-C
Number of microphones4 (2 for each earphone)
Water resistanceIPX4
Weight (one handset)Approx. 4.5g
12 hónap
Bluetooth verzió
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