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Az év minden napján Megbízható bolt

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Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)

Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)
Okosóra Colmi SKY 7 Pro (fekete)

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Colmi SKY7 Pro smartwatch

Colmi SKY7 Pro is an excellent quality smartwatch that will become your reliable everyday companion. Made of durable materials and waterproof - you can use it in almost any conditions. After a single charge it works for up to 7 days. Sleep and heart rate monitoring will help you take better care of your health, and available sports modes will make you enjoy effective workouts. SKY7 Pro also connects to your Facebook or WhatsApp and displays relevant notifications.

Solid, waterproof construction

The smartwatch is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. Skin-friendly - it features a texture that is pleasant to the touch. It is also incredibly durable and resistant to damage. The Colmi SKY7 Pro is made of durable materials that have been strengthened, sandblasted and polished. It also features 3ATM water resistance up to 30m - so you can use it in the rain and while washing your hands without worry.

Cardiac monitoring

SKY7 Pro offers advanced heart rate monitoring features. The smartwatch can directly measure blood pressure - without connecting it to a smartphone. It also stands out for its high accuracy. The device monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day, notifying you in real time of any alarming symptoms - so you can respond to them immediately.

Take care of your sleep quality

The smartwatch also has a sleep monitoring feature. An advanced algorithm collects and calculates data based on your heart rate and body movements. It provides you with crucial information about your nightly rest. This allows you to change possible bad habits and significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Sleep soundly and wake up rested - with Colmi it is possible!

Measures SPO2

Another parameter that the Colmi SKY7 Pro can measure is blood oxidation SPO2. The smartwatch monitors its levels 24 hours a day, providing you with crucial information. Too low levels of oxygen in the blood can be very dangerous to your health - so it is worth keeping your hand on the pulse and gain the ability to react immediately to dangerous irregularities.

Plan your workout accordingly

In order to stay in shape, it's not only important to play sports per se, but also to take care to adjust the intensity of your workouts to achieve the results you want without risking fatigue. The Colmi SKY7 Pro offers several sport modes to help you optimally plan your workout and check your progress. Whether you're running, cycling or hiking, there's something for you.

It will instantly notify you of any message

The Colmi smartwatch will instantly notify you of an incoming call or message. You can connect it to your smartphone as well as platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or WhatsApp. This way, you will instantly know that someone wanted to contact you. You'll never miss a message - even during an extremely busy, duty-filled day.

Even a week of use on a single charge

Colmi SKY7 Pro also means an incredibly long battery life. In standby mode it can work for up to 3 weeks! In turn, with normal use it works up to 7 days on a single charge. High performance of the device, low power consumption processor and 280 mAh battery will delight you with its reliability in any situation.

ModelSKY7 Pro
Strap width22 mm
Strap length95/125 mm
Weight55.5 g
Display1.3” TFT
ChipNordic 52832
Battery capacity280 mAh
Charging timeAbout 2 h
Operation timeUp to 5-7 days
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 or above/iOS 9.0 or above
Water Resistance3ATM
Supported languagesSmartwatch: Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French;
Application: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese;
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SKY7Pro Black
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