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Az év minden napján Megbízható bolt

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Az év minden napján Megbízható bolt

Az év minden napján Megbízható bolt

QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)

QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)
QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)
QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)
QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)
QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)
QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)
QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)
QCY T20 TWS fülhallgató (fehér)

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Earphones TWS QCY T20 (white)

Are you looking for compact earphones that provide high quality sound while being comfortable to wear? The TWS QCY T20 earphones will meet your expectations. They are lightweight and extremely compact, and with 13-millimeter drivers they guarantee excellent sound quality. Bluetooth 5.3 provides a stable connection with a range of 10 meters, while ENC noise reduction makes it easy to communicate with others. Practical touch panels, IPX4 water resistance and a long operating time of up to 14.5 hours are also a plus.

Superb sound

The TWS QCY T20 earphones are an excellent choice for people who appreciate high quality sound and want to discover their favorite songs anew. The 13-millimeter drivers make the sound delivered by the T20 perfectly balanced, crystal clear and rich in detail. So you can enjoy high quality sound and hear details that were previously unnoticeable.

Forget about noise

Do you often talk on the phone? TWS QCY T20 earphones will help you with that. They are equipped with sensitive microphones and accurately record your voice, making it easier to communicate with others. The accessory also uses ENC technology, so you can talk freely even in crowded places such as a bus station or shopping mall.

Reliable connection

A fast, stable connection with a range of up to 10 meters is thanks to Bluetooth 5.3. The module not only provides a reliable wireless connection, but also guarantees lower power consumption and a low latency of 68 ms - perfect synchronization of video and audio will increase your comfort while playing games and watching a movie.

Efficient power source

Tired of earphones that require power renewal too often? The TWS QCY T20 Charging Sleeve is equipped with a reliable 220 mAh battery, so the accessory provides a long runtime. One charge is enough for 5.5 hours of music playback, while the charging etu will extend this time to 14.5 hours. In standby mode, the T20s remain for up to 100 h. Use the included USB-C cable to renew the power.

Practical touch panels

Thanks to intuitive touch panels, you can manage your music without taking out your smartphone. Just make the right number of touches, and you can quickly and conveniently stop or resume playback, activate the voice assistant, and answer an incoming call. Operating earphones has never been so easy!


QCY T20 are the perfect earphones for the active. They are IXP4 level waterproof, so drops of sweat and water pose no threat to them. So you can take them to your workout and enjoy your favorite music no matter where you are. You also don't have to worry about discomfort - the low weight and ergonomic design translate into high comfort. The advantage is also the small size, which allows you to put the earphones in your pocket.

Additional capabilities in the application

This is not the end of the possibilities offered by the TWS QCY T20 earphones. To gain access to further interesting features, download the QCY app - it allows you to adjust the equalizer or set the mode, among other things. The app is compatible with Android 6.0 (or newer) and iOS 12 (or newer), in addition, Android users can take advantage of a window for easy device pairing.


  • Earphones
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
Pairing nameQCY AilyPods
Bluetooth Version5.3
Bluetooth range10 m
Supported systemsAndroid, iOS
Operation time3 h (phone calls)
5.5 h (music playback)
Charging time1,5 h
Bluetooth profilesHFP / A2DP / AVRCP
Battery capacity220 mAh (charging case)
Additional power supply from the caseAllows both earphones to be charged 2.5 times
Charging portUSB-C
Dimensions32.5 x 18.3 x 20.3 mm (earphone)
53.8 x 24.6 x 48.4 mm (charging case)
Gyártói cikkszám
12 hónap
Bluetooth verzió